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Teacher Blended Learning Sessions

August 12, 2020

Your pathway to learning how to effectively be a blended teacher. Beginner or intermediate, we’re diving into sessions on how to create a blended learning classroom, which platform to use, how to save time creating lessons that will transition between remote and face-to-face learning, build connections, and more! We're giving you templates toolkits, and resources to transition to blended learning. Whether you choose and pathway or customize your schedule, you'll get access to every single session recording from the live event.

Blended Learning - Beginner Sessions

Google Classroom: Your Blended Learning Hub

Looking for the right platform to make managing your blended classroom easier? Google Classroom is the perfect place to make the transition to blended learning easier! We're walking you step-by-step through all of the Google Classroom Basics: How to easily add your students, create and manage Assignments, use the assessments feature and more. This is a crash course in all things Google Classroom specifically for blended learning!

Flexible Lesson Design & Templates for Blended Learning

One of the biggest challenges with blended learning is designing lessons that will transition between face-to-face instruction and online instruction without spending a ton of extra time creating 2-3 different types of lessons. In this session, we're giving you flexible lesson design strategies and tips, as well as templates you can use right away and customize to fit your needs right now while you're planning.

Connect with Students and Build a Community in a Blended Classroom

If you moved to emergency distance learning last year, then you already knew your students and had connections to build off of. For this coming school year, how do you connect with new students in a blended classroom and continue to build an engaged community? We're showing you how to use three powerful tools: Google Forms, Google Slides, and Pear Deck, to create engaging activities that will jumpstart building connections with your students on the first day of school. You'll leave with activities you can use right away in your blended classroom.

How to Create and Deliver Engaging Lessons for Blended Learning

Video is the key to creating and delivering engaging lessons in a blended learning environment. The thought of creating videos might make you nervous, but we're helping you take all of the stress, confusion, and overwhelm out of the equation. In this session, we're walking you through step-by-step on how to create video lessons with easy to use tools and we're sharing our top strategies and tips for delivering those lessons in your blended classroom. Leave this session confident and ready to easily create videos that will capture your students attention!

Blended Learning - Intermediate Sessions

Beyond the Basics with Google Classroom: Your Blended Learning Toolkit

The basics of Google Classroom, but next level! In this session, we're diving deeper and we're showing you how to maximize your use of Classroom for blended learning. Add-ons, extensions, and things you didn't know you could do in Classroom...we're covering it all. Get ready to level up your blended learning toolkit!

Flexible Lesson Design & Templates for Blended Learning - Intermediate

You need lessons that will easily transition between face-to-face learning and virtual learning all while not spending hours of your valuable time to do this. So, we're showing you how to use Choice Boards and HyperDocs to design lessons for your blended classroom that will meet the needs of all students. Did we mention we're giving you ready to go templates you can customize to fit your needs?

How to Engage and Support your Students in a Blended Classroom

How do you ensure you are reaching each and every student as well as meeting their needs during blended learning? Effective communication, tools, and activities are key. So, in this session we're giving you everything you'll need to actively engage your students, increase attendance and participation, motivate them, as well as create open forms of communication to assess their needs.

How to Balance Asynchronous & Synchronous Teaching and Learning in a Blended Environment

In a blended learning model, you are going to have students learning in different ways and at different times. While each schedule will be unique to the teacher, we are walking you through the best practices for managing synchronous and asynchronous learning in a blended classroom. Blended learning tracking strategies, mixing instruction, delivering the same level of support to each student...we're covering it all!

Teacher Remote Learning Sessions

August 12, 2020

Ready to start planning for remote learning now instead of scrambling at the last minute to transition? In all of these sessions, we're walking you through how to create an engaging remote classroom, take the mystery out of designing remote lessons, build a classroom community, effectively deliver remote lessons, and more! We're giving you a simple toolkit you can rely on that won't break the bank, flexible resources, and templates you can use throughout the entire year. The best part? With your Summit ticket, you get access to all 32 session recordings included in this event!

Remote Learning - Beginner Sessions

Google Classroom: How to Set up and Manage your Remote Classroom

You need one easy platform to manage all of your assignments, communication, grading and make it easy for your students and their families to access everything. Google Classroom is a remote teacher's best friend! In this session, we're showing you how to create your remote classroom, onboard your students virtually, and we're walking you through all of the basics: Creating and organizing assignments, utilizing the assessments feature, Google Meet inside of Classroom and more. Are you ready to have your virtual classroom all set up for the fall?!

Remote Learning Lesson Design Made Easy

Lesson design is hard enough, but then you add in the remote component and it can feel like a puzzle you just can't solve. In this session, we're helping you cut through all of the confusion, overwhelm, and stress around creating virtual lessons by walking you through an easy process that can be incorporated in all grade levels. We're also making it super easy with pre-made customizable templates that you can use right away to start planning your lessons now.

How to Start the School Year Remotely

In a remote learning environment, how do you start the school year with new students? Making meaningful connections and building a classroom community can suddenly feel impossible virtually. In this session, we're breaking down tools, tips and activities you can use to set the stage for remote learning with new students and create meaningful connections with your students from day one.

Top Tips and Tools to Deliver Engaging Lessons Remotely

There are a lot of tech tools, tips, and resources out there that you can use to deliver lessons remotely. It's great to have options, but it's also very overwhelming. So, we've pulled together our top 5 tools to use to deliver engaging remote lessons and we're walking you through how to use all of them.

Remote Learning - Intermediate Sessions

Google Classroom: How to Level up your Remote Classroom

Ready to get super confident in all of Google Classroom's features to really take your remote classroom to the next level? In this session, we're going beyond the basics to show you shortcuts, how to integrate powerful resources, and add-ons you can use inside Classroom. This is your chance to create an organized, simplified, and interactive remote classroom for the fall!

Asynchronous & Synchronous Lesson Design for Remote Learning

You need virtual lessons that will have the biggest learning impact without spending hours creating them. In this session, we're simplifying the virtual lesson design process for you. We're taking you through all of the steps needed to create engaging asynchronous and synchronous lessons. Get ready for hands-on support to help you develop lessons that are interactive and supportive for all students. We're also giving you plug and play templates, so you can start creating your lessons now.

How to Build a Strong, Engaged Remote Classroom Community

You want the virtual experience to be as valuable as the face-to-face one, but how do you get students to actually engage and start to build up your classroom community? In this session, we're giving you the tools, activities, and strategies to connect with your students on day one of school and continue to build the relationship throughout the year. During emergency distance learning, one of the biggest challenges you faced was getting students to actually show up, complete work and participate. Going into the new school year, we're equipping you with everything you will need to create a strong, engaged virtual classroom community.

How to Use Video to Deliver Meaningful Remote Instruction

This one is for the teacher that already knows how to create video, but needs to know how to incorporate those videos into their instruction to have the biggest impact and engage their students at a distance. In this session, we're showing you some of the best strategies and tools you can easily use to deliver meaningful virtual instruction with video. We're keeping it simple here so there's no tech overwhelm. These strategies and tools will allow you to easily add your videos into the lessons you will design in an earlier session to create a seamless creation and delivery process for remote instruction.

Primary Teacher Blended Learning Sessions

August 12, 2020

It's time for hands-on support that is specifically designed for primary teachers! In these sessions, we're showing you how to successfully create engaging blended learning experiences for little learners right now. You need a simple toolkit that will be easy for students and families to use, a blended learning classroom to keep everything organized in one place, lesson templates and effective strategies for delivering interactive lessons...we've got you covered! Choose the pathway below or customize your own schedule.

Primarily Google: How to Create an Engaging Blended Classroom for TK-3

Creating an engaging blended classroom for young learners can be challenging. You need a simple set of tools that are not only easy for you to use, but for your students and their families. G Suite is the ultimate primary toolkit and in this session, we're going step-by-step to get you set up with each tool. We're reviewing best practices so you can leave ready to create your blended classroom that actually works for young students.

How to Create Primary Lessons for a Blended Learning Environment

Ready to save time creating primary lessons that will work for face- to-face and remote learning? In this session, you're getting hands-on support to create lessons that will actually work for your blended classroom. Jamboard and Google Drawings are two tools that will transform your lessons and help you infuse that interaction and engagement young learners need! Get ready to be able to create lessons now that will seamlessly transition between remote and face-to-face learning.

How to Set New Students and Families up for Success in a Blended Learning Environment

The start of the new school year is going to look different. Students and families are going to need even more support as they navigate a blended learning environment. In this session, we're giving you tools, activities, and strategies to make this transition easier for students and families. You're going to leave this session with a plan for how you will communicate, connect and support your students to set them up for success this year and take all of the mystery, confusion and overwhelm out of the equation.

Design and Deliver Interactive Asynchronous Lessons for TK-3 Students

When young learners already have a short attention span, how do you deliver asynchronous lessons that are actually engaging and interactive? We're keeping it simple in this session by showing you how to use a couple of tools to deliver meaningful lessons face-to-face or remotely. Leave this session confident in your ability to incorporate tools into your blended learning classroom to keep your students engaged.

Primary Teacher Remote Learning Sessions

August 12, 2020

How to plan for remote learning for little learners? We're showing you how simple and engaging it can be. In our make and take style sessions, learn how to leverage G Suite to create a meaningful remote classroom, design engaging lessons, get actionable tips to connect with students and families and deliver interactive lessons time after time.

Primarily Google: Introducing the Google Suite for Little Learners - Remote Teaching Edition!

You can still create a meaningful remote classroom for young learners full of collaboration and interactions! In this session, we're breaking down all of the basics of G Suite tools and giving you activities and ideas for how to use these tools to create a powerful learning experience remotely. We're sharing our top tips and tricks for managing all-things-Google with your littlest ones, so you can get started now.

How to Create Engaging Primary Lessons in a Remote Learning Environment

In this session, we're cutting through the tech overwhelm by diving deeper into G Suite to help you design engaging learning resources to support teaching young students remotely. In this hands-on make and take-style workshop, we'll create lessons and activities your little learners can use right away. Prepping lessons for the new school year just got easier!

How to Connect and Support New Students and Families Remotely

As a primary teacher, your students' families become your co-teachers in a remote classroom. So, it's important to not only connect with new students but also their families. In this session, we're giving you creative activities and ideas to start the new school year virtually to build up home buy-in, set expectations, and begin to build relationships. We're helping you take out all of the fear and stress of the first few days of school to set you and your students up for success for the entire year.

Effectively Deliver Interactive Asynchronous Lessons Remotely

You spend time creating engaging lessons, but then how do you deliver them in a way that will actually get young students and their families to participate? We're taking all of the confusion, tech overwhelm, and mystery out of delivering interactive asynchronous lessons remotely. Get ready to walk away with powerful tools and strategies you can use to create meaningful learning experiences for young learners.

Instructional Coach Sessions

August 12, 2020

Ready to learn how to support your teachers now in planning and in the next school year no matter which learning model you'll be using, blended, remote or face-to-face? It can be difficult to plan if you don't know what to plan for which is why we're giving you our top toolkits, resources, and strategies to adapt and become what you need to support your teachers in any learning environment.

How to Effectively Coach in a Blended & Remote Learning Environment

What does coaching look like in a blended learning environment? You need to be able to support your teachers, so we're showing you how to navigate the dynamics of the blended learning cycle, what your teachers will need, and how to create a consistent coaching structure to transition across all grade levels.

Google Classroom: Communicate, Connect, and Support Teachers Remotely

Google Classroom isn't just for teachers! This platform is a great place to be able to assess and respond to teacher's needs, provide support, track student and teacher progress, as well as communicate effectively with your teachers. If your teachers and their students are in Google Classroom, using this platform simplifies everything and allows you to easily manage everything in one place.

How to Help Prepare Teachers to Thrive in any Learning Environment

Teachers are going to need to be flexible and prepared with lessons, tools, and resources that can seamlessly transition between all learning models. In this session, we're giving you the tools, resources, and templates your teachers will need, showing you how to provide remote instruction delivery support, and helping teachers build confidence now, so they can easily adapt in the new school year.

Remote Coaching Toolkit: Top Tools and Resources

Looking for a simplified coaching toolkit with tried and true tools and resources? We're walking you through how to use powerful tools, extensions to save you time and keep you organized, and resources to help you easily adapt and transition to provide support for your teachers in all learning environments.

Classified Sessions

August 12, 2020

Tackling your inbox, organizing your digital workspace, streamlining Google Drive, and being able to effectively use digital tools are needed in order to be able to support students, teachers, and families no matter what the next school year brings. Get ready to master your toolkit and get prepared for the uncertainty of the new school year NOW! Choose the sessions listed below or customize your own schedule!

Effectively Managing your Inbox

Ready to go Marie Kondo on your inbox? We're taking you step-by-step through how to manage your inbox, use filters to easily prioritize, stars, and labels. We're also sharing our top communication tips to keep you from spending hours in your inbox each day.

How to Effectively Organize your Digital Workspace

It's time to take control of your digital workspace to be more productive and efficient whether you're in a remote or blended learning environment. Learn how to create a Google Meet, manage your calendar, easily switch between Chrome profiles and how to use new Chrome extensions that will change the way you work.

Organizing and Managing your Google Drive

Raise your hand if you have a ton of files floating around your Drive and you can never seem to find what your looking for quickly or easily. We're helping you change this by walking you through how to streamline your Drive and save tons of time searching through an endless amount of files.

Collecting and Organizing Information with Google Forms and Sheets

Whether you're face-to-face, remote, or blended, you will need to gather information easily and safely from students and parents. In this session, we're walking you through how to create a Google Form and use Google Sheets to organize all of the information from start to finish.