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Emma Pass

Hybrid Teacher

Emma is the hybrid/blended learning guru with years of pre-COVID hybrid teaching experience, the creator of The Hybrid Teacher Survival Guide with over 10,000 downloads to date, and a new book coming out next year. She is a secondary English teacher, Google Certified Trainer/Innovator, and all-things-EdTech enthusiast. She first experienced the transformative power of educational technology when her school was awarded a grant for Google Chromebooks; she committed to going digital in the classroom and hasn’t looked back since. Emma is passionate about using technology to reach 100% student engagement, differentiate instruction, save time, increase efficiency, and much more. She has taught in Las Vegas, Nevada, London, England, and now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado where she teaches secondary English at a hybrid (online and in-person) K-12 school.


Do you wish you could be a fly on the wall in the classroom of an effective Blended Teacher and see exactly what they are doing?

You know if you could see an example then you would be able to replicate that in your own classroom. Well, in the Best Practices Success Kit, Emma Pass is pulling back the curtain to give you an in-depth look at what an effective blended teaching experience looks like. As a blended teacher well before COVID, the creator of The Hybrid Teacher Survival Guide with over 10,000 downloads to date, and a new book coming out next year...she knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

In this experience, Emma will walk alongside you to make sure you leave the final session with your own lessons in hand and a strong understanding of a blended structure, so you can continue to create powerful and cohesive learning experiences for your students.

What's included in Best Practices Success Kit:

Workshop #1: The Blended Student Experience

Recorded 90 Minute Workshop

Emma Pass will be walking you through an entire blended learning experience from start to finish as the student.

Workshop #2: Blended Lesson Design Breakdown

Recorded 90 Minute Workshop

Then, dive into exactly how Emma created the experience as she breaks down the entire lesson, as well all of the tools she used.

Workshop #3: Blended Experience Make & Take

Recorded 90 Minute Workshop

In the final workshop, Emma will be working alongside you to create your own customized lessons for your blended classroom.

Toolbox: Best Practices for Blended Learning

Your companion to the workshop series, with an entire breakdown of all of the tools Emma will be using. This toolbox is full of how-to videos, as well as activities, ideas, and templates to help you continue to maximize the use of the tools beyond the workshops.

We're keeping it simple and avoiding tech overwhelm for you and your students, so this toolbox is full of ideas to use over the next 3 months and beyond. This downloadable is easily accessible in your personal learning account, so you can access it on the go and continue to use it as a resource whenever you need it.


Wondering how to deliver engaging instruction in a blended environment time after time...without spending hours designing lessons and activities?

Designing engaging instruction for both remote and in-person learners can feel like you're doing two jobs in one. It can consume all of your time to only have a few students interact with it or worse...get crickets in response. In this Success Kit, Emma Pass will be walking you through the exact tools, strategies, and techniques you will need to use in order to effectively engage your students during synchronous and asynchronous learning.

**You will get access to this kit in early November**

What's included in the Student Engagement Success Kit:

Workshop #1: Student Engagement for Synchronous Learning

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

In this session, Emma will be diving into tools, strategies, and techniques you can use now to create engaging synchronous learning experiences. She will highlight what to prioritize and how to make the most of live instruction.

Workshop #2: Student Engagement for Asynchronous Learning

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

In this session, Emma will be taking you step-by-step through how to design engaging asynchronous instruction for your blended classroom. Get tools and strategies you can use time after time to ensure all of your students are supported outside of live instruction.

Workshop #3: Building Community and Culture

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

 Building a strong classroom culture and community are key to ensuring students feel safe, confident, and engaged in their learning. But how do you build a strong sense of community when you can't be together in the same place? In this workshop, we will explore activities for building community in a blended environment.

Toolbox: Student Engagement in Blended Learning

This toolbox is full of Emma's top tried and true tools to build student engagement in a blended environment. She's giving you a few core tools you can use time and time again, across synchronous and asynchronous learning. Dive into how-to videos, activities, ideas, templates, and more inside this workshop companion.

Delivered directly to your personal learning account, you can easily access this resource or download it to your device to use time after time.

What do authentic and meaningful blended learning assessments look like?

Better yet, how do you create assessments to ensure students are providing authentic responses in the age of Google? Assessments and tracking student progress across in-person and remote learning environments becomes even more challenging. In this Success Kit, Emma Pass is giving you an A-Z guide on blended assessment. She's taking all of the stress and worry out of assessment by showing you how simple it can be.

What's included in the Blended Assessment Success Kit:

Workshop #1: EdTech Tools for Blended Assessment

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

In this workshop, Emma will be walking you through the best ways to ensure you have accurate assessment data when students are working both at home and at school. Plus, you'll take a look at which edtech tools will help easily deliver formative and summative assessment.

Workshop #2: Rethinking Assessment for the Google Generation

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

Dive into Emma's top alternatives to traditional assessment strategies that will ensure students are providing authentic responses in a blended environment.

Workshop #3: Blended Assessment Best Practices

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

In this workshop, Emma will bring the focus back on the intention behind assessment and looking at some best practices for delivering assessment using data, and assessing for social and emotional well-being.

Toolbox: Meaningful Assessment in Blended Learning

This Toolbox dives deeper into all of the tools Emma is using in her workshops. Walk through how to quickly get set-up, access plug and play templates you can repurpose, and activities to maximize the use of these powerful tools.

Access this downloadable Toolbox in your personal learning account or on any device to easily use as a resource.

Build Your Success Kit


What's Included:

  • Choose 1 Success Kit - Best Practices, Student Engagement, and Assessment ($75 Value)


What's Included:

  • Best Practices Success Kit ($75 Value)
  • Student Engagement Success Kit ($75 Value)
  • Blended Assessment Success Kit ($75 Value)

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