Distance Learning Toolkit Workshops

Learn how to use innovative tools and develop actionable strategies you can use today


Welcome to your destination for all things distance learning...

Overnight, you had to change the way you approach teaching, coaching or leading your staff. Time is more precious than ever and you need the tools, strategies and techniques to help you transition to distance learning successfully. It’s stressful, challenging and overwhelming at times. Rather than being able to train and prepare over time, you have to act fast and adapt even quicker. You need quick wins, practical strategies and techniques you know will actually be effective and tech tools you can start using right away without the steep learning curve. 

So, we are here with new distance learning toolkit workshops each week to walk you through tangible steps, actionable strategies and simple tech how-to’s to not only help you survive but thrive as an educator right now.

Here's what you get inside each Toolkit Workshop:


1 Hour of interactive support from an experienced trainer

This is your chance to dive deep into challenges you are currently facing, walk through innovative tech tools and concepts step-by-step, and ask your trainer any questions you have.


Actionable strategies, tips & proven techniques

In these workshops you will leave with actionable solutions to the challenges you are currently facing. They are interactive and designed to give you hands-on experience so you leave with strategies, tips and proven techniques you can incorporate right now. 


Innovative and powerful technology tools

 In these sessions, our trainers are cutting through all of the tech overwhelm, so you leave not only with a strong understanding of how to use these tech tools, but a sense of confidence in your ability to utilize them in meaningful ways to create powerful learning experiences.

1 Toolkit Workshop for $25


"I have attended numerous sessions you have provided over the last 2 weeks, and I have to say I'm so thankful your presenters are so knowledgeable! I have always walked away with things I can use immediately. Great presenters! Thanks!"

Cindy J, Teacher

So, how does this work?

We are so glad you asked! You're short on time, so we'll cut right to the chase and give you all the details.

  • Each week you will have 3 new one-hour Toolkit Workshops to choose from all on distance learning topics.
  • Every Workshop will be one hour long and you must show up live as these sessions will not be recorded. We want to give you live, interactive support with our trainers so you get the most out of each design session.
  • Once you sign up for your Workshop, we will send you an email with all of the details and a unique link to join the virtual Toolkit Workshop.