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How to Stay Organized During Distance Learning

A deep dive into our best tips and G Suite tools to help you stay organized and efficient as you teach remotely. We're sharing tips and tricks you can use right away to effectively manage your inbox, calendar and everything else needed to run your virtual classroom. 

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Designing the Future of Schools: Blended Learning Preparedness

Join us for a live discussion on how you can prepare your school or district for the future of learning. Educators from the school and district level are sharing their experiences and offering guidance on best steps to take moving forward.

The Teacher's Lounge Pt. 3

Join us for a chat all about self-care and wellness! We're sharing our favorite tips, connecting with other educators and just having fun!

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You've Got Q's, We've Got A's!

Three instructional coaches are answering your top questions about student engagement, lesson design and top tools to utilize.

The Teacher's Lounge Pt. 2

Join Educators,  Amanda Taylor and Natasha Rachell as they answer your questions about distance learning, share their favorite tech tip and talk about all of the things that are saving them right now. This is your chance to come together with other educators to learn, chat and just have fun! 

Distance Learning, "What's Working!" Part 2

We're back for part 2! Emma Pass, Lisa Vogue, and Cody holt are even more strategies, tips, and plans that are working now, as well as discussing plans for the coming school year.

Primarily Google: How to Get Started with G Suite for Remote Teaching in K-3

Primary Technology Coach, Susan Stewart is sharing templates, tips and activities you can use right away to engage your little learners virtually or in the classroom.

How to Engage your Students During Remote Learning

We are diving into the topic we receive the most questions about...engagement. Join Amanda Taylor as she walks you through easy activities and lesson ideas you can use to engage your students during remote learning.

Best Practices for Remote Learning

Emma Pass is back with another webinar on her best practices! As a hybrid teacher, Emma knows what works and what doesn't. Get ready to walk away with templates, lesson ideas and tools you can use in your remote teaching.

Distance Learning, "What's Working!"

Emma Pass, Cody Holt and Lisa Pogue are breaking down exactly what is working for their school, district or classroom during distance learning. Get new lesson ideas, strategies and tips you can use right away.

Best Practices for Check-Ins with Students and Colleagues

Staying connected with students and colleagues begins with check-ins. We are sharing simple and engaging ways you can create meaningful connections virtually with your students and colleagues.

How to Reach Students with Synchronous and Asynchronous Lessons

During distance learning, you will need to create synchronous and asynchronous lessons. In this webinar, Amanda Taylor is walking you through different activities and tools you can use to create both types of lessons.

Best Practices for Distance Learning Communication

Which tools, strategies and methods are best to use for communication during distance learning? We are breaking down everything you'll need to know to effectively communicate with students, parents and colleagues.

5 Ways to Maintain Relationships with your Students

In this webinar, Heather Dowd is sharing 5 easy and actionable ways to maintain meaningful relationships with your students during this time to keep them engaged.

Teacher Organization Hacks for Distance Learning

Organizing your virtual workspace is a whole new challenge. Amanda Taylor is walking you through some simple, but powerful hacks to help you organize your inbox, calendar and virtual workspace so you can be more productive and save time!

Best Practices for Distance Learning

Emma Pass is sharing her top tried and true lessons, tips and tools to create powerful virtual learning experiences for all of your students. As a hybrid teacher, Emma knows what works and what doesn't and she's sharing it all with you.

Classroom Management in the Remote Learning Age

How are you managing your virtual classroom? New challenges are arising with distance learning, so educators Heather Dowd and Patrick Green are sharing their tips, activities and tools to help you effectively manage your classroom remotely.

How to Get Started with Google Classroom & Seesaw

Whether you are in Google Classroom, Seesaw or both, we are walking you through step-by-step on how to get set up quickly.

Leading Through Complex Change

We've pulled together a panel of school and district leaders to discuss how they are navigating through the challenges with COVID-19.

Playdate: How to Use Google Meet & Zoom

Zoom or Google Meet...which one should you use? In this webinar, Dee Lanier is breaking down the pros and cons of both to help you make the best decision for your school or classroom. Dee is also sharing some top tips for both tools!

Top Tips & Tools for Connecting with your Students

We believe in connection over content and in this webinar we are diving deep into our top tips and tools you can use to create and maintain meaningful connections with your students.

How to be Flexible as an Instructional Coach

Instructional Coach, Rachel McVeagh is sharing her top tips and tools for adapting your coaching style to fit your teacher's needs.

Keeping Classrooms Connected

We've called upon Teacher/TOSA, Kim Voge, to share her top activities, tips and tools she is using to connect with her students virtually.

How to Utilize Applied Digital Skills for Distance Learning

Learn how to use Google's free Applied Digital Skills curriculum. Google's Applied Digital Skills is a must-have for your distance learning toolkit with collaborative lessons, real-life problem solving activities, and practice using G Suite apps to help your students gain practical tech skills.

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