The 5 Behind-the-Scenes Strategies to Productivity

How to save time, be more efficient and avoid the problem of not enough hours in the day

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In this Workshop, you'll learn:

 - 1 -

How to Simplify Communication 

with students, parents, and colleagues to save time, relieve stress and minimize confusion

 - 2 -

Real Time-Saving Technology Tips

that you can easily use right away in your day-to-day without being an expert in technology

 - 3 -

5 Simple and Effective Productivity Steps

that dramatically cut down on your time spent completing everyday tasks and will help you implement new time saving strategies into all areas of your work and life

 - 4 -

Real Life Examples and Strategies 

that will actually help simplify your life and are easily incorporated into an everyday routine without a steep learning curve


Your Normal Work Day is About to Change in a BIG Way  

Whether you have been struggling with managing your time to successfully support your staff, schedule meetings, communicate effectively, complete admin responsibilities on time and everything on your plate or if you are simply looking for tools and strategies to help you cut down on daily time wasters and simplify your day-to-day work...this can be the exact training you've been looking for.  

As a previous educator, and now a leader, I understand how many tasks you're responsible for each day and how overwhelming that can be. These critical steps have helped leaders I train drastically save time and implement effective strategies that actually increase their daily productivity.  

Join me to get all of the steps, tips, tools, strategies and real life examples to help you save time and be more efficient each day. 

This Workshop is a Must Attend if…

  •  You’re a leader that is struggling to find a daily balance in the midst of juggling all aspects of your role while still be able to support your entire staff
  •  You want to learn how to cut down the time it takes to complete daily tasks so you can spend less time working after hours and more time on what is important to you
  •  You want to be able to effectively prioritize all of your responsibilities and increase your daily productivity  


A Personal Invitation From Mark...

I've been an educator for 20 years and have been training leaders for 13 years. 

7 years later and after working with hundreds of school leaders around the country, I've discovered the exact steps to help leaders be more productive and efficient so they can effectively lead their staff.

This brand new workshop is a culmination of my top tips, strategies, and tools that have helped so many leaders prioritize their responsibilities, save time, and work more efficiently.  

If you’re ready to take control of your daily routine and free up time so you can focus on supporting your entire staff, then I can't wait to help you get started and add more time back into your day!

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