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Over the course of 4 days, we are hosting a new live workshop each day. We know how busy you are as a school or district leader, so we're opening up two different times for each workshop. Still, life can get in the way and things will come up, so we're recording every single workshop and every registrant will receive access to ALL of the recordings for free.

Planning for Remote and Blended Learning as a School Leader

In the previous school year, you didn’t have time to plan and were thrown into emergency distance learning. As you enter the new school year, things still feel uncertain, but you can create a strong plan now. In this session, we’re going to be walking you through all of the necessary components you will need to build a strategic plan to prepare your staff to easily adapt between multiple learning environments and set them up for success in remote and blended learning.


Developing Teacher Capacity for Successful Blended Learning

As schools enter the 2020-2021 school year, leaders face new and different challenges as the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact our communities. Whether beginning remote or implementing a hybrid model, it is evident that teachers hold the key to successfully implementing a digital approach to learning. In this webinar, we will dive into the skills and knowledge teachers need to possess in order to successfully implement a blended learning environment that creates powerful learning experiences for all students.


Engaging and Supporting Your Staff from a Distance

Building relationships, supporting your staff’s needs and creating a positive community has become even more challenging with blended and remote learning. Your staff is stressed, worried and overwhelmed and the school year hasn’t even started yet. In this session, we will be exploring tried and true strategies, tools, and resources that can be used to lead and meet the needs of your entire staff in both remote and blended learning environments


Engaging and Supporting Parents and Guardians from a Distance

The past 5 months have challenged communities more than anything many of us have ever experienced in our lifetime. The transition to remote learning has brought new challenges for parents and guardians as they juggle the reality of simultaneously earning a living, keeping their family safe and healthy, and also making sure their students are continuing to grow academically. In this session, we will explore strategies, examples, resources and tools that can be used to engage and support your learning community in a blended or remote environment.


The Breakdown: What You Get


Choose from 4 live workshops customized for school and district leaders to help you get prepared to support your staff in any learning environment.


Our trainers are walking you through actionable strategies, toolkits, and resources you can use right now as you're planning for the coming school year. The training doesn't stop here, as we're equipping you with resources that will easily transition between blended and remote learning environments.


We want you to be able to use these workshops as a resource as you enter the new school year, so we're give you access to every single workshop. We're all about being flexible and learning on your own schedule, so even if you can't attend live, you can still join the workshops.

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