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Knikole Taylor

Instructional Technology Coordinator

Knikole Taylor is a passionate servant leader with over two decades of experience as an educator and currently serves as th district Instructional Technology Coordinator for a nine campus charter school in the Dallas, TX area. In this role, she supports the growth and development of teachers and students through the seamless integration of innovative technology usage for student success. Through personalized coaching, Mrs. Taylor works with teachers and teacher leaders to craft professional goals to extend their scope of instruction and meet the needs of all learners. It is her firm belief that anyone can succeed with tailored one-on-one support. Knikole works to assist educators in being their best for the students they serve each day. It is her sincere desire to see all teachers grow in their craft to have a lasting impact on the success of their students.


Do you wish you could relive your student teaching days and sit in on an effective remote teacher's classroom for the day?

Well, Knikole Taylor is granting your wish! In the Best Practices Success Kit, Knikole will be taking you behind the scenes of an effective remote teaching experience from start to finish. This is your tried and true roadmap to building effective remote instruction time after time.

Knikole will be going beyond the roadmap because there's nothing like being able to put what you learn into practice right away. She'll also be working alongside you in the final workshop to help you create your own customized remote lessons and ensure you have a strong foundation in remote teaching best practices, so you can continue to build impactful learning experiences beyond the workshops.

What's included in the Best Practices Success Kit:

Workshop #1: The Remote Student Experience

Recorded 90 Minute Workshop

Knikole will be walking you through an entire remote learning experience from start to finish as the student.

Workshop #2: Remote Lesson Design Breakdown

Recorded 90 Minute Workshop

In the next workshop, dive into exactly how Knikole created the experience as she breaks down the entire lesson, as well all of the tools she used.

Workshop #3: Remote Experience Make & Take

Recorded 90 Minute Workshop

In the final workshop, Knikole will provide hands-on support to help you create your own customized lessons for your remote classroom.

Toolbox: Best Practices for Remote Learning

Your companion to the workshop series, with an entire breakdown of all of the tools Knikole will be using. This toolbox is full of how-to videos to quickly get set up, as well as activities, ideas, and templates to help you continue to maximize the use of the tools beyond the workshops.

We're keeping it simple and focusing on a core set of tools you can rely on time after time. No tech overwhelm here! This downloadable is easily accessible in your personal learning account, so you can access it on the go and continue to use it as a resource whenever you need it.


How can you keep all of your students engaged in asynchronous and synchronous lessons class after class?

Creating engaging content for remote learners can feel all-consuming these days. You spend hours of your time designing lessons and activities only to have your students barely engage or hop into a live lesson and you get zero responses. Nothing but crickets.

In this Success Kit, Knikole Taylor will be walking you through the exact tools, strategies, and techniques you will need to use in order to design engaging synchronous and asynchronous instruction, reach all remote learners, and build a strong classroom culture.

What's included in the Student Engagement Success Kit:

Workshop #1: How to Keep Students Engaged During Remote Learning

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

In this workshop, Knikole will be breaking down exactly how to create engaging synchronous and asynchronous lessons. She is also going to be diving into the tools, strategies, and techniques you can consistently use to easily create interactive remote learning experiences. Streamlining your workflow and pacing...Knikole will be covering it all.

Workshop #2: How to Reach all Remote Learners

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

Reaching all learners and ensuring their needs are met becomes increasingly challenging when you can't be in the same room. In this session, Knikole will explore differentiation, small group learning, and ELL to ensure all students are receiving the support they need.

Workshop #3: Build Community and Culture in a Remote Classroom

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop 

How can you build a strong classroom community and culture when you have never met your students in person? Knikole will be walking you through activities and techniques you can use to successfully build community in a remote environment.

Toolbox: Student Engagement in Remote Learning

This toolbox is full of Knikole's top tried and true tools to design engaging remote learning experiences. She will be exploring a few core tools that will drastically change the way you create synchronous and asynchronous lessons. Dive into how-to videos to help you get set up, activities, ideas, templates, and more inside this workshop companion.

Delivered directly to your personal learning account, you can easily access this resource or download it to your device to use time after time.

How can you create meaningful assessments for remote learners?

Report cards, tracking student progress, accurately assessing your students...where do you even begin? Attendance, gathering student work, and ensuring authentic student responses becomes even more difficult in remote learning. In this Success Kit, Knikole Taylor will be showing you exactly what remote assessments should look like and she's going to be walking you through how to create them for your students. Remote assessments simplified!

What's included in the Remote Assessment Success Kit:

Workshop #1: Remote Assessment Best Practices

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

In this workshop, Knikole will be breaking down what it looks like to effectively measure remote student's learning, what tools to use, and how to create assessments customized to your classroom.

Workshop #2: Creative Ways to Assess Student Learning

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

It can be overwhelming to dig through all of the remote assessment options out there and find some that will actually work for your students. In this session, Knikole will be sharing her top tried and true ways to creatively assess your student's learning remotely and how to create them.

Workshop #3: True Assessment with Tech

Recorded 60 Minute Workshop

True remote assessment in the age of Google is no easy feat. In this workshop, Knikole will be showing you different assessment alternatives you can use to put precautions in place to ensure students are providing authentic responses virtually.

Toolbox: Meaningful Assessment in Remote Learning

This Toolbox dives deeper into all of the assessment tools Knikole will be using in her workshops. Walk through how to quickly get set-up, get plug and play templates you can repurpose, and activities to maximize the use of these powerful tools.

Access this downloadable toolbox in your personal learning account or on any device to easily use as a resource.

Build Your Success Kit


What's Included:

  • Choose 1 Monthly Success Kit -Best Practices, Student Engagement or Remote Assessment ($75 Value)


What's Included:

  • Best Practices Success Kit ($75 Value)
  • Student Engagement Success Kit ($75 Value)
  • Remote Assessment Success Kit ($75 Value)

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